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Back in May, we wrote the blog, “Why You Should Be Wary Of Nonunion Work.” We warned about shady construction managers, unnecessary charging, refusal to fix problems, and homeowners finding themselves victims of poor workmanship. Since then, we have had the opportunity to speak with a home buyer who reached out to Labor United after he purchased a home from a home builder that does not contract union labor and workers: M/I Homes.

Unfortunately, this home buyer found himself and his family victims of poor workmanship and cheap labor. It is our hope that sharing this homeowner’s story with this home builder will save a potential home buyer from having “worst-case scenarios” become their realities.

“I’m worried about the future…I feel like an idiot,” we were told by the Schaumburg, Illinois, home buyer, who purchased his new townhouse in April 2017.

Although the home was purchased in April, the family did not move into the home until June because they had to put an additional estimated $40,000 into the home and bring in an outside carpenter prior to moving in. Immediately, he was upset and disappointed, as M/I Homes’ website claims “each home is built with uncompromising quality.” Uncompromising quality shouldn’t mean immediate extra costs for the home buyer.

In addition to the off-the-bat extra cost to his new home, our home buyer shared that once he and his family got settled into their home, they started to notice more and more evidence of corners that were cut by the home builder in order to save on cost. On the list of many items that the home buyer shared including no trim around the windows, we were told,

“They painted our baths with a cheap flat paint…I would have never thought that they would stoop that low.”

Unfortunately, the list didn’t stop there. The home buyer shared with us that he is constantly on the phone with the home builder, M/I Homes’. The home buyer has continuously talked with M/I Homes’ representatives expressing his unhappiness and has repeatedly asked the home builder to fix the issues he is having with his home. The home buys is aware of the One-Year Customer Care Coverage warranty. He told us that he knows that if he does not request fixes from the home builder for these issues within the first year, then he and his family will be stuck.

The home buyer shared with us that the tree placed in his front yard has already died and after multiple calls to the home builder, he was told to wait an unknown amount of time for the landscaper to come remove the tree. He decided to call the landscaper directly to have the tree removed in a timely manner. Again, M/I Homes’ website praises its customer service and even goes so far as to say “we instill this ‘we care’ philosophy.” It is evident that this homeowner has not received proper care from this home builder.

Overall, the homeowner gave the quality of construction of M/I Homes a “C or a C-” and warns potential home buyers to “be careful.” He admits that he made a mistake but does not want to let his family down, so he is continuing to fight and put more money into the brand new build.

Buying a home is one of life’s biggest and most rewarding purchases. Make sure you’re getting an A+ experience! In an effort to aid in the home buying process, we created a list of quality questions that we encourage you to ask your home builders, especially M/I Homes. If the answers you receive raise concern, don’t settle. Keep looking for that A+ build. And, as always, reach out to us if you have any questions.



Do you have a similar story after purchasing a home from M/I Homes? Contact mikhail@labor-united.com to share your experience.